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Devoted Mamas

Devoted Mamas provides inspiration, practices and education for a mindful and fit life in pregnancy and early motherhood. Founders and sisters, Nicole and Kendra are otherwise known as The Postpartum Sisters. They believe when a mother is leading a fulfilling, meaningful life herself, the rest of her family flourishes.

Some key concepts are: the sisterhood bond behind it. Strength in family. Nourishment. Fitness, well-being, healthy living.

Feelings: hopeful, optimistic, valued. Powerful, strong, validated. Love, warmth, comfort and understanding. Cared for. Trust.

Visual: bright, clean, spirited, quiet, soothing, joyful, soulful, realistic, journalistic

Devoted Mamas

As soon as you arrived, any worries about time and things feeling too staged disappeared. You captured so many details and aspects of the moments we planned that you really helped to bring our brand essence to life without us even "trying" to make it look a certain way.

Nicole & Kendra | Devoted Mamas

Chris Hajian

Chris Hajian is a composer for film & television. Some of Chris' works include; Unraveled, The Little Rascals Save The Day, and feature film, The Infiltrator. 
In addition to his composing career, Chris is a steering committee member of the Society of Composer's and Lyricist's in NYC and leads their very successful Mentor Program. He is also very involved in various Music Advocacy groups. He teaches Film Composition at NYU. 

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