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Just do YOU

A positive mental image formed on the basis of your visual identity can often be the deciding factor that gets you hired.

What IS Personal Branding Photography?

Well, if a traditional headshot is the face behind the business, then a personal branding session is the story behind your business.

A strong brand is built on authenticity and storytelling. You celebrate your individuality and tell your story the way you want it to be told. Whether it's embracing your genuine self or a construction of what you want your brand to represent, It's an opportunity to create a connection that your dream client can identify with.

What is PB?


  • You know first impressions count

  • You need an online makeover/rebrand

  • You believe in what you do 

  • You would rather invest in your OWN photos than pay for stock photos

  • You need photos for more than a bio

  • You know you have a lot to offer

  • You have a story to tell but.. you might not know how to show it

  • Your current photos are outdated

  • Social Media? I can't keep up with it all!

  • You like adventure and creativity

  • You want your clients to "get you" without needing to sell yourself so hard


  • You tend to put others first

  • You don't feel photogenic

  • You are adventurous

  • You might be camera-shy

  • You value experience

  • You value connections

  • You want to be heard

  • It's your turn to shine

  • You might not be comfortable with selling yourself

  • You might be introverted

  • You appreciate details and gestures

  • In the past, you've felt that photos don't seem to capture who you really are

I would recommend you to more than just my best friend (I already have!). But for anyone I care about whose online presence is meant to be their livelihood, I would say that your brand images should not only be "pretty." They should tell a story and create a feeling of connection to you.

Kristin is by far the most talented photographer in terms of knowing how to capture moments, expressions, emotion better than anyone I know. She can certainly capture the portrait shots you need with great skill. But she's also a visual storyteller that will add dimension and connection to your brand. Her artistry is unmatched and you will feel totally at ease in her easy going, creative and bright presence."

Kendra & Nicole | Devoted Mamas

Your competition doesn't know what

Personal Branding Photography is.

Gain the advantage - contact me today!


Let me create a catalogue of images to fight for you!

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